Where is it sunny?

Pflotsh Sun shows you, at the push of a button, where you can find up to three close-by places with a forecasted sunshine duration of at least 50 minutes.



1. Why do I need this app?

Pflotsh Sun is an easy-to-use app that shows you how to find sunny places.

2. Why there are several Pflotsh apps and not just one?

The various apps are focussed on specific purposes. They have different functionalities, and contain a different selection of weather parameters and models. If all apps were combined to one single app, that one would be rather confusing with too many options getting into the users way. The individual apps each show exactly what is required for a specific purpose. See all Pflotsh apps at a glance.

3. Why doesn't Pflotsh Sun show a map like the other Pflotsh apps?

We wanted to keep this app as simple as possible. By tapping one of the suns, you can choose to open the map and show the place as well as directions to it.

4. Why do the other Pflotsh apps focus on maps, then?

A weather map provides much more information than a forecast for a specific place. Examples: If you want to photograph a mountain, you don't want to know if there are clouds at the zenith, but if there are clouds between you and the mountain. If you are on the road, you want to know how the weather will evolve along the way and not just in a specific spot. etc.

5. How to refresh the data?

Do a long-press on the circle (cloud/sun) in the screen center. This updates time and location and computes the sunny places anew.

6. Why is this app, unlike the other Pflotsh apps, free of charge?

We hope that Pflotsh Sun motivates many people to use Pflotsh SuperHD and Pflotsh ECMWF. They provide a wider range of forecast data.


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