If it's important, people check the Euro ECMWF model. It is known worldwide for its accuracy. For forecasts, over 80 weather parameters are available, complemented by a comprehensive archive.

Pflotsh ECMWF is our pro app: With a subscription to it, all other Pflotsh apps are unlocked.

Professional ECMWF weather forecasts worldwide. Starting with temperature and precipitation forecasts up to highly specialized parameters.

For the local forecasts, other models than ECMWF are also provided. If the models match, a realible forecast can be made.

Visualized variants of the ensemble forecasts make it possible to recognize uncertainties.

Combinations of views like sunshine, cloud thickness and rainfall provide a compact overview.

Pflotsh ECMWF provides more than eighty weather parameters.

General, Visibility, Humidity

Degree of coverage of the sky as a whole and in different cloud levels. Computed satellite imagery, visibility, relative humidity, dew point, and zero degree limit.


Air temperature at ground level and 2m above ground, extreme values, sensible and latent heat flux. Water temperature.

Rain and Snow

Precipitation radar, precipitation totals, accumulated precipitation, extreme values, snow depth, snowfall limit and precipitation probabilities.


Wind means and direction, wind gusts, models for five different pressure levels, extreme weather index.


Water temperature, wave height and -direction. Ice covering of seas and lakes.


Simulated precipitation radar, windshear, thunderstorm potential, atmospheric downwater, K-Index, Fire Weather Index. Probabilities for cyclone, tropical storm, and tropical depression.

Air Pollution

Hazes, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.


Air pressures and pressure changes. Temperature, wind and relative humidity at different altitudes (atmospheric pressures).



In order to cover the cost for the data and the further development of the app there is yearly amount to be paid via subscription. The first month is free and you can cancel the subscription without being charged during the first month of use. Buying a Pflotsh ECMWF subscription also unlocks to all other Pflotsh apps, if they are installed on the same device.

Take a look at the subscription information.


1. Why do I need this app?

Pflotsh ECMWF supplies you with high-quality weather forecasts worldwide. Buying a Pflotsh ECMWF subscription also unlocks to all other Pflotsh apps, if they are installed on the same device.

2. Why there are several Pflotsh apps and not just one?

The various apps are focussed on specific purposes. They have different functionalities, and contain a different selection of weather parameters and models. If all apps were combined to one single app, that one would be rather confusing with too many options getting into the user's way. The individual apps each show exactly what is required for a specific purpose. See all Pflotsh apps at a glance.

3. What is the ECMWF weather model?

The ECMWF aka "Euro model" is the best weather forecast model worldwide being standard for all important decisions.

4. What is the resolution of the weather model?

The App uses the ECMWF with a ca. 9x9 km resolution.

5. Why are maps always the main view in the all Pflotsh apps?

A weather map provides a lot more information than weather data for just one location. E.g: If you want to take a picture of a mountain, it is not important if the sky above you is cloudless, you want to know if the subject is hidden in fog. And anyone who is on the move wants to know how the weather is developing along the way.

6. How do I choose which weather parameter is displayed?

Tap the button bar at the top center of the screen. Select the desired parameter (see also select in the Tips and Tricks section). It may take a moment for the data to load.

7. What does "significant weather" mean?

Significant weather shows those things that may be dangerous or annoying in the forecast – mostly precipitation, but also storms or fog.

8. While I am panning or zooming, the data is not shown. Why?

In order to see the map. Data is drawn with little transparency, so that it is visible well and without interference with the map. However, in some cases, you won’t see the map well enough. In those cases, just pan.

9. Why do I sometimes only see a map?

Either there is no significant weather in your area or there is the unlikely possibility that one of our servers is down. Try an other parameter or check back past events via the archive function (star icon).

10. How do I toggle between map and satellite view?

Go to the menu and touch "Settings". You can then customize the map type.

11. What do the dots at the bottom of the screen mean?

They help with the orientation in time (see also Timeline in Tips and Tricks). You can swipe your finger or tap to select a point in time. Or you can set a date by date, even if it is in the past.

12. Why do I sometimes see more and sometimes less dots?

For the first four days, the ECMWF calculates its forecasts hourly for most parameters. For a period of up to six days the forecasts are provided in three-hour intervals, then at six hours. For some parameters the forecasts are less frequent.

13. How do I choose the date and time which I need information for?

Please tap on the date display in the center and choose date and time and confirm your choice via check mark. You can also tap the arrows to the left (to the past) or right (to the future).

14. How do I get immediately to the present time and my place?

Shake your phone! Alternatively, select the corresponding item from the menu.

15. How do I update the data for the place I am currently seeing?

Long press the date display. Alternatively, select the corresponding item from the menu.

16. How do I get a weather forecast?

To show the prediction for the current location, select the corresponding entry in the menu or press the prediction-icon at the right of the date field. To see the forecast for any location, move the map and then long press on the desired point.

17. Why does the forecast show several lines with sometimes totally different weather?

Each line shows a different weather model. So you can compare them and see uncertainties in the forecast. For more information, tap the i in the app's forecast view.

18. What to do if I cannot see my own position or something else on the map clearly?

Move two fingers to the left or right on the time display at the bottom of the screen. This changes the transparency (see also Transparency) in Tips and Tricks.

19. Why is there no legend to the colours and icons?

You won’t need that, just get all your info by tapping on the screen (see also Information about Colors).

20. What do the gray circles mean, for example in Temperature 2m?

This is how we show an ensemble forecast. In numerical prediction models, a small change in the initial conditions can lead to large deviations from expected results. Therefore, the model is not only fed with measured values, but also with slightly modified data. Thus, several model runs can be compared and extreme deviations can be detected. iEach of the dots on the display corresponds to a model run. The two small numbers top left and right correspond to the lowest, resp. the highest value in the ensemble. The values shown below are considered to be the most probable forecast.

21. Why do I have to pay for the app?

In order to cover the cost for the data and the further development of the app there is yearly amount to be paid via subscription. The first month is free and you can cancel the subscription without being charged during the first month of use. Buying a Pflotsh ECMWF subscription also unlocks to all other Pflotsh apps, if they are installed on the same device.

22. I have an ECMWF subscription. Nevertheless, a Pflotsh app that I wanted to unlock with ECMWF shows "no subscription".

To allow the Pflotsh apps to be tried out, all apps allow 20 operations (tapps, calls, display changes, etc.) before checking for a subscription. So even if Pflotsh ECMWF is installed with a valid subscription, "No subscription" will be displayed on the app that you wanted to unlock, until these 20 operations have been performed.

23. What can't the app do for you?

This app is not intended to replace official warnings by the National Weather Services of the countries involved, but it is a perfect supplement if you want to assess the weather situation for yourself.



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