Pflotsh is a Swiss German word for slush.

Kachelmann GmbH and Andreas Garzotto GmbH present a collection of high quality weather apps for iPhone/iPad and Android.


"Macwelt" writes, Pflotsh would probably have the best data of all weather apps. Article, 29.01.2019 (German only).

Pflotsh ECMWF is our pro app: With a subscription, all other Pflotsh apps are unlocked.


And which Pflotsh app do I need?


  • Storms and precipitation
  • in Central Europe
  • with near real-time readings
Pflotsh Storm
  • Precise forecasts
  • for Central Europe
  • comparison between models
Pflotsh SuperHD
  • For safety
  • worldwide
  • for tropical storms
Pflotsh Tropical
  • The pro app
  • worldwide
  • with many parameters
Pflotsh ECMWF
  • For vacation and leisure
  • worldwide
  • low cost from ECMWF
Pflotsh Beach
  • For wind and sea
  • worldwide
  • low cost from ECMWF
Pflotsh Sail


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