Pflotsh weather apps value honesty and diligence. That's why they focus on weather maps, not on simplified forecasts.

Weather data visualized and animated on a map is the best way for assessing and surveying meteorological phenomena – from a large-scale overview to precise weather information for a specific place.

Meteorologists from Kachelmann GmbH and software developers from Garzotto GmbH present a collection of quality weather apps for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Pflotsh is a Swiss German word for slush.


Pflotsh ECMWF is our pro app: With a subscription, all other Pflotsh apps are unlocked.



Weather Observations


All Pflotsh apps mentioned here include live weather observations from the user community.
Pflotsh Observations

Report your weather observation for the current time at your location.

Pflotsh Observations

See all weather observations in near real time and in the archive.


Pflotsh user reports for the last hours:





And which Pflotsh app do I need?


  • Storms and precipitation
  • in Central Europe
  • with near real-time readings
Pflotsh Storm
  • Precise forecasts
  • for Central Europe
  • comparison between models
Pflotsh SuperHD
  • For safety
  • worldwide
  • for tropical storms
Pflotsh Tropical
  • The pro app
  • worldwide
  • with many parameters
Pflotsh ECMWF

In order to cover the cost for the data and the further development of the app there is yearly amount to be paid via subscription. The first month is free and you can cancel the subscription without being charged during the first month of use. Buying a Pflotsh ECMWF subscription also unlocks to all other Pflotsh apps, if they are installed on the same device.

Take a look at the subscription information.


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