The perfect app for precipitation and storms. Real-time radar data for rain, snow, hail, as well as lightning and storm tracks. High resolution precipitation forecast for up to 24 hours. With a huge archive for all measurement data including lightning for all of the data which covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein South Tyrol (The Alto Adige region of Italy) and Luxembourg.

Privacy Policy Pflotsh Storm

1. General

(1) The app "Pflotsh Storm" (hereinafter: App) is offered by Kachelmann GmbH, Dorfplatz 2, CH-6417 Sattel, Switzerland, e-mail: (hereinafter: Kachelmannwetter) and Garzotto GmbH, Bättmur 13, CH-8404 Winterthur, Switzerland (hereinafter: GGH). Said companies are jointly responsible as the data controller within the meaning of the Swiss Data Protection Act.

(2) During all data processing activities, Kachelmannwetter and GGH shall comply with the statutory regulations. The following Privacy Policy provides an overview of the data that will be collected and processed when the App is used.

2. Personal data

Personal data are individual pieces of information on personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual, such as the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth.

3. Collected data, scope, purpose and duration of the processing of data

(1) During use of the App, personal data will, as a matter of principle, not be collected and processed.

(2) The App requires access to the smartphone's location. Prior to the first use of the App, the user is asked whether the App is permitted to access the smartphone's location information. If this is rejected, the App cannot be used, or can only be used with limited functionality. If permission is granted, this can be revoked again at any time via system settings.

(3) During a location query, the App determines the current location via the smartphone positioning functions (e.g. GPS, GSM, WLAN/WiFi). The location data are used to show the user's own position on the map. Location data will only be processed on the smartphone and will not be transmitted to Kachelmannwetter and GGH, nor to third parties. The location data will only be stored on the smartphone as long as the user's own position is displayed there.

(4) If a location search is run, a search request is sent to Apple Inc. This leads to the transmission of the location's coordinates from Apple Inc. to the smartphone. The data will not be transmitted to Kachelmannwetter or to GGH.

(5) At regular intervals, the App checks the smartphone as to whether a valid subscription exists for the App. In reply, the App is only provided by the smartphone with the answer "yes" or "no". During such inquiries, further data will not be collected from the App. The data will not be transmitted to GGH or Kachelmannwetter.

(6) The App does not use cookies or tracking features.

(7) If a weather observation is reported, in addition to the observation, a location and a device identifier is sent to our server. The device identifier is a random string and cannot be used to identify you. Its sole purpose is to prevent abuse. If a certain device is sending too many or nonsensical reports, the identifier is used to refuse further observations from that device.

4. Information rights

The user shall always have the right to obtain information on the stored data relating to him or her, their origin and recipient, and the purpose of the processing of data. In the event of questions regarding data protection issues, users are free to contact Kachelmannwetter or GGH at any time (contact data see above).

5. Data safety

GGH and Kachelmannwetter use technical and organisational security measures in order to protect data, in particular against loss, manipulation and unauthorised access. These security precautions are continuously adapted to technical developments.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be updated at irregular intervals and adapted to new legal and technical conditions. Users will be informed of changes to the Privacy Policy.

7. Last updated:

May 2024


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