Relative humidity

This map shows the relative humidity expected by the model at a given time. Relative humidity represents how much moisture is present in the air relative to the air’s ability to hold moisture. If there is little to no moisture in the air, especially on a hot day when the air’s capacity for moisture is very high (warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air), RH values will be very low. If the amount of moisture in the air reaches the capacity of the air to hold moisture, you will see either fog or precipitation depending on the situation. Note that if the air is cold, the capacity of the air to hold moisture is reduced and thus the raw amount of moisture contained in the air may be low despite RH values being high. This is why it never feels “humid” when it’s snowing, even though the air is completely “saturated”.

Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit

Dieser Parameter zeigt die berechnete relative Luftfeuchtigkeit in Prozent. Die relative Luftfeuchtigkeit sagt aus, wieviel Wasserdampf derzeit in der Luft ist. Bei 100% ist die Luft gesättigt mit Wasserdampf und Nebel kann sich bilden.